We Use Authentic Beachglass

We use Authentic Beachglass.  Beachglass also called seaglass, and mermaid tears are pieces of glass that find their way to the ocean.  Once in the ocean it is churned by waves and salt water.  It is weathered and conditioned into beautiful gems.  After the ocean has done her magic these pieces wash up on the beach. 

Rusty Banjo (our yellow lab in the photo) and I love walking the beaches beachcombing.  The best time to find beachglass is in the Winter after Nor'easters.  In this picture it was snowing and blowing a gale.  

We only use authentic beachglass.  It is not tumbled in a rock tumbler or cultured (the fancy word for tumbled).  Our beachglass comes from the beautiful beaches of The Outer Banks of North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Barbados.